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Homeowners’ policies cover your dwelling and the decks and garages attached to your home.  Most times detached garages and sheds are also protected by your policy.  So if there is fire, robbery, lightning strike, windstorm or hail your with policy from Smithtown Homeowners Insurance Company, MW Morse Agency can give you the peace of mind you need.

But not all natural disasters are covered by the standard policies.  Earthquakes and flooding are not.  As for insurance pay outs, there are variations between replacement costs or actual set cash values.  The best policy is to call Long Island Homeowners Insurance Agency, M.W. Morse and review the coverage.  Flood insurance and other customizations can be added.

Commack Homeowners Insurance Company, MW Morse Agency policies also cover personal belongings.  While a policy cannot replace your priceless heirlooms, photos and mementoes, it can provide monetary relief.  The key is to have a home inventory and then place a monetary value on your property.  Every policy has dollar limits.  If there are major artwork or very expensive belongings, insurance premiums need to be adjusted to supply full coverage.

Of all the dangers homeowners face, the most frightening is the lawsuit.  If someone is injured on your property, there is a level of liability that needs to be planned for.  Most homeowners’ policies have adequate liability coverage.  If someone not living with you who is injured on your property, the standard policy will cover medical bills and attorney fees.

Homeowners’ Insurance policies offer a wide range of coverage. Long Island Homeowners Insurance Agency, M.W. Morse can use a standard policy and fine tune it to meet every family’s specific needs.

One size might fit all, but a little tailoring makes it much more attractive. Whether you live in Smithtown, Commack or any other area in Suffolk County, Long Island, MW Morse Agency is your Homeowners Insurance company!

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