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The Next Generation Advisory Council


 Local Businessman appointed to a new council to advise the Suffolk Legislature

FullSizeRenderThe Next Generation Advisory Council is the Suffolk County Legislature’s outreach to Long Island’s youth adults and Matthew Morse, owner of the M.W. Morse Insurance Agency is one of the council’s newest members. He was appointed by Legislator McCaffrey of District 14. Agency Sales Representative, Erik Kim is also participating on council. Long Island Suffolk County Legislator DuWayne Gregory established this council to give young professions a voice on issues and help draft future legislation on the issues that directly affect them; housing, employment and new economic opportunities.

As the presiding officer of the legislature, Gregory sought to create a comfortable atmosphere for young people to get a sense of what goes on in local government. “We’ve got to give them a seat at the table and give them a forum through which they can voice their ideas and contribute to the conversation about decisions being made about the future of Suffolk County.”

Gregory and the legislature passed a bill to establish this advisory council for 20 and 30-somethings so they will have a voice in the future of Suffolk County. The concept is to have at least one council member from each of the legislature districts. After the initial meeting at the end of October, the plan has the council fully functional by the end of 2017.

DuWayne Gregory and the Suffolk Legislature understands that residents who are between 22 to 35 years old are underrepresented in local government. With statistics from the last census, Long Island lost 15% of its 20 to 34 year old population. Nationally only 5% of that age group move away from their home counties. Furthermore, nearly 70% of young workers on the Island has stated in surveys that they are planning on leaving the area within the next 5 years.  

Matthew Morse realizes the importance of keeping the Island’s young people on the island. As a local business owner, he knows of the difficulties of establishing a life in Suffolk County. He also recognizes the flight of young people from Suffolk’s high housing prices and dwindling opportunities that exist in Suffolk.

The MW Morse Agency is committed to helping his diverse clientele customize their personal insurance coverage to suit their individual situations. His experience in the insurance business offers Matthew unique insights into the lives of these young Long Islanders. He brings this valuable perspective to the Next Generation Advisory Council.


For more information about the council, reach out to Legislator Gregory or call 631-853-5807 or email nextgen@suffolkcounty.gov


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